oh baby, sooth the soul with popping pimples and pushing out the nastiness in this novelty toy. Be relaxed!

Be the talk of the office with a Chicky Nuggies hanging on  your keychain! Nothing says confidence like having this on your keys!

I know some of you could be Big Mamas great grandchildren, but back in my day, he had house phones. Check out this hamburger phone. 

So real your cats will think this cat is real, however you wont make that mistake because of the tissues hanging out the back!

Big Mama Don’t Play when it comes to life. Check out her musical debut. Yes, Big Mama knows hiphop! Check it out and get your world rocked!

Gift the world with stickes of that beautiful face God gave you. It’s cool if you’re ugly, I think you’re beautiful too!

Nothing heals the pain of getting cut, than dramatic, insults. Hilarious gift! People love it!

Don’t just get a gnome. Get the most epic gnome you can get! Fact, T-Rex got nothing on my gnomes.

The popular, most epic adult coloring book. Color the People of Walmart while relaxing.