These are amazing! A good tool to help you laugh through the pain!

Spend time winding down within the world of Walmart and its people. So, many great pictures, so many colors! 

Do not deprive the world of your mug! Leave a reminder of that face, to bring smiles on theirs! 

I’m getting a landline just to hook this baby in! Could you think of any other phone design to reach such an epic level? Neither can I! 

Check out Big Mama’s Music Video! She is an artist. She is revolutionizing the world! She is looking for groupies too! 

My boss hates when I wear this at work. Sometimes, I just want my co-workers and boss to know whats up. Big Mama Don’t Play!  

Dinosaur Costume

Did you ever wake up and think “Damn, I wish I was a T-Rex today”? This can get you one step closer! 

My neighbor hates that I have this, so I bought two! Let’s show Terry we love our Dinosaur Gnomes!

When Big Daddy works my last nerve, there is nothing more satisfying than just popping a pimple toy!

Let’s remember the greatness of Bob Ross! We took us on an journey at every show. I tried so hard, but always painted body parts.

I take great pleasure in having this in my living room. There is nothing more cuter for me nor stranger for guests!

numerous people think that it’s a real chicken nugget! The best keychain I ever got!