Halloween Gifts

Do you wake up in the morning and just think: “Damn, I wish I was a T-Rex today”? This may bring you one step closer! 

My son told me this would be the perfect costume for me. My man agreed with him. Big Mama can’t catch a break with these clowns.

This takes me back lol. Rolling into any establishment with this costume get’s those heads to turn. Even on Halloween. 

My man likes to have a costume like this, he pretends it is rebellious, but I know his ass is cheap. 

Big Mama Don’t Play’s official musical debut! Don’t miss it! So good you may shit yourself.

It was an illegal kick! Be badass by joining the baddest dojo of the valley or at least dress like it!

Be a Lamp this Halloween. Be the coolest guy this Halloween. Bring light to the devilish day of the year. 

My boss hates when I wear this at work. I just want to let my co-workers and boss to know what’s up. 

I’m not gonna talk any junk about this mask. It’s so good, I fear she will show up in my room. Great mask!  Love it!