Graduation Gifts

 Let’s congratulate our graduates and remind them sh!t just got real and every awkward moment we can! The real world is a calling! 

Whoop Whoop! Educated yo self to getting a piece of paper and a cake! Enjoy and congradulations! Now get to paying that $200k!

Get that mug on your very own, personalized bobblehead! You graduated, now you deserve your very own bobblehead of YOU!

Yo! It doesn’t matter the age, if you just graduated, read this book and get your intro into the real world. Seriously, start ahead of the game, don’t play catch up! 

Big Mama just made her first song and music video! Please check it out and support her!  If not, you are not worthy to know of Big Mama or her skills to rock the mic. 

No dank ass party can get started without a colorful shot of confetti. Get that family get together or hootenanny offf o the right start. Get lit!

Before taking that first step into the real world, write a letter  and other reminders for your future self to read and be reminded off your hopes and dreams! A great reality chec!

Great gift ideas for narssist parents who want to not celebrate and bring in the anxiety of your graduate. Give them a countdown clock to their first student loan payment!

No surprise or craziness to this gift! Sometimes the greatest gift we can give to a person is a nice arrangement. Big Mama loves to get flowers and I know many other do to!