Gifts For Him

You boy always gotta look fresh, my man use to go to the club with a shirt like that. That’s how he got Big Mama!

Keep it old school, with a litte retro and wholesome message. Let people know you stand for what is right. 

Woe baby, look at the bling on that wrist! That is more than just some silver or gold, it’s all flavor!

Upscale those off white walls and hang out this bad boy! Yeah, hussle, make dat money!

Did you know Big Mama is a rapper too?!? Yeah, she might be older, but she got the skills! Please watch!

Big Mama doesn’t get it, but someone wrote in and said that would be a good gift for men. So, here you go!

We need to get into fitness, improve your life, treat your taste buds right! Don’t be a punk!

I will never eat the same again! Yes! Lightsabers Chopsticks are the only way to live!

This is a great gift for a man or for you! Help them live a life of those long dongs!