Help improve the sleep, mood, and air quality of your favorite student with this lamp!Big Daddy, says I changed since he bought me one!

If Ramen Noodles are not part of your college experience, did you really go to college? The best thing about this is, it’s a variety pack! Love it!

The student of your life needs all the time they can spare to study and make you proud. So, hook them up with this wifi coffee/espresso maker. 

No student has time to go to the hospital and get a vasectomy! This DIY package will have everything you need! Just kidding, it’s just gag packaging with a free gift!

Music Video

Big Mama Don’t Play when it comes to music! Check out her new song and video! This is something that is so good you might even shit yourself. Please like, share, and comment. 

This is a great banner to hang up in you apartment or dorm. It’s a message to show you are serious, while having a little trap in your system. 

This is a lifesaver! I don’t like those laundry bags where all these young men try to take a peek at my undies! Plus there is no fumbling arund!

Our favorite student may need some advice. The sad reality is, they may not have someone around who will help them. Get them this guide!

Students of all ages love getting a care package. It’s also a great reminder of you in their life. Who doesn’t love oreos?