Coworker gifts

Share the love! Buy a keychain for your co-worker, because his keys are tired of going commando!

Know what you co-worker is thinking or just spice up his boring desk!  We got you covered!

Beach Break, because who needs actual vacation days when you can have sandy chaos on your desk?

Elevate your buddy to the office genius with this book – who needs real smarts when you can fake it till you make it! Then you can manipulate this and become the puppet master!  Whoop Whoop!

Watch Big Mama hit the club and letting the world know one thing, she don’t play! Get the remy, get the crew, and then turn up! 

Rescue your co-worker’s career by unleashing their inner Picasso with a coloring book – because nothing says ‘I’m frustrated’ like a beautifully shaded shade of calmness. Let the crayon therapy commence, silently

Time to gift a Damit Doll to that co-worker – because their stress level is starting to rival a caffeinated squirrel on a bungee cord. 

Booking travel for coworkers – turning office camaraderie into jet-setting adventures! This can be a great gift to reach those goals!

Bonsai Tree

Buying a bonsai tree, channeling my inner Mr. Miyagi and bringing balance to the office – wax on, zen mode activated.