Explore new worlds and adventures with this 3D viewfinder! A toy? Ha! I call it a vortex to the universe beauty and awe! 

Big Mama believes being Geek. is cool, but here is a great read in how to be cool. Honestly, I liked reading the story! 

Plants our our friends! Keep them alive, healthy, and growing. That way we can eat them when they reach their prime! 

I know my geeky ass brother has about 19 pairs of these socks. So thus, I gotta let you all know abou it! 

Music Video

Big Mama put it all out there and produced her first rap song and video. She is the next Jay Z!

What if the inside of these delicious lollipops actually contained a universe field with life? Hmmmm…

Whoop Whoop! A gaming keyboard in style of the gold old day when Big Mama ran these streets! Awesome and unique look! 

Extra Floppy! Check out these coasters to protect your surfaces! Don’t get those boring coaster, get something that starts a convo! 

I love this because of the memories it brought from watching Back To The Future. People love seeing this on my self!