Gag Gifts

Flying Turds

This may be the greatest thing on the website! It’s totally a gag gift that gets laugh! Just be careful, Big Mama wants you safe! 

The Potato Chip Snake Pop up can is a classic gag gift! This is a fun thing to have around the office, home, or wherever  a laugh is needed! 

Who doesn’t want an air freshner of Barry Wood sitting on a bed? Giiiiiirl, I bought about 50 of these!  Yes, I have 50 of these! 

All people need soap. It’s really awesome to be clean. Especially uranus, that needs to be clean. 

This is the greatest video and song of all time. When it comes to music, Big Mama Don’t Play! 

Chia Pet and the wonderful, artful, and sexy Bob Ross! The best Chia Pet of all time! 

Get this three pack and drive your co-workers, family members, parents, children, or mean lady at the Church crazy with this whoopee cushion! 

In today’s generation, we want people with a message. In my opinion, this is the message I want to know when I’m at a pool! 

A mix of great coffee and great advice! You or someone you know may need this cup! I sent it to my mother in law!