Dorm Room Items
For The Boys

The world without are is eh! Get your Elon, on the wall! Spice up that dorm room wall. 

Get the sounds, shake the dorms, annoy the RA’s, especially during finals week lol!  It’s only 60k! 

Be the talk of campus with having your very own ball pit in your dorm room! Keep it all colorful!

So you’re in the dorm, you can just eat ramen like a barbarian. Class it up with the cooker, chopsticks, and utensils. 

Big Mama just dropped her first hit single! This is a must watch, nobody get’s lit at the club, like Big Mama! 

Bro, talk about atmosphere, this tapestry is what your dorm room needs. Legit, straight dank accessories. 

Yo Dawg, we hear you like to set the atmosphere, so we got the lighting system you need. Light it up baby!

Big hit with this shirt, people love the surprise! Great ice breaker! Just don’t have a belly like Big Daddy. 

Don’t tell me you’re going to walk around campus or to the bathroom like the rest of us? Go in style, baby!