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Dorm room university of Miami
The Ultimate Guide to Pimping Out Your Dorm Room at University of Miami!
Ever turned a dorm room at the University of Miami into a pizza box fort? We've been there. Discover our wild hacks for surviving college life with style! big mama dont play, gag gifts, blinker fluid bottle, gifts
Blinker Fluid: Beyond the Prank
From innocent car tinkering to the surprise revelation of an empty 'Blinker Fluid' bottle, join us as we uncover the uproarious tale behind this legendary family prank
Things tht are funny to say (16)
10 Hilarious Encounters: Dogs and Cats Caught in the Act!
I just had to share what I found! I totally love seeing these funny moments between cats and dogs! Check it out and you'll be so happy seeing this!
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Graduation gifts for PHd
Prepare your little graduate for on their life long life journey of uncheck pretentiousness and self loathing as you see their...
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Gifts for grandma who have everything
Big Mama got your back here, discover the ultimate grandma-approved gift that'll make her say, damn son! Where did you get this?!?
Things tht are funny to say
Things that are funny to say
Get ready to crack up with our hilarious list of things you can say to make anyone laugh! Check out our collection of funny phrases in our blog post, 'Things that are funny to say
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Rolling with Laughter: The Funniest Team Bowling Names
Strap on your bowling shoes and get ready to 'split' your sides as you dive into the hilarious team bowling names that are funny! Believe me, Big Mama don't play when it comes to Bowling team names!
Surviving the Bachelor Party: Epic Gifts to help recover with no Regrets
After a night of being a total jagaloon, be sure to survive the bachelor party with these gifts to help you recover faster and not poop yourself into a lifetime of embarrassment.
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Cheers to Weird and Wonderful: Bachelor Party Gifts That Defy Expectations
Attention filthy animals, Defy Expectations'! Buckle up for a journey into the wild side of bachelorhood. As for now, get freaky boys,...get freaky!
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Bachelor Party Questions For The Groom
You can't reach the level of tomfoolery and party like a jagaloon until you ask these questions. These bachelor party questions for the groom, and watch him wonder why he is friends with you lol!
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