Baller Gifts

This is the bling you need, at just under 40K, you should buy one for every member of your family! I know you got it baby! 

How are you going to be bling bling without these 60K diamond studs! Trust me, I never seen elegance and baller type shit go out of style. 

If you don’t have an Ice Cream Machine, are you really a baller? I don’t think so, pay extra and get the twist option too!

This is Big Mama’s favorite color, so you know I need it in my collection. Nothing says bitch, I’m a baller like having this in hand! 

Check out the new music video by Big Mama herself! It is nothing short of epic! I will rock your socks off with this!

No better flex than this right here. If you are going to be a baller, you can’t just walk around like the rest of us. You need to hover! 

Don’t let them look at you in the eye! These shades will scream to all who see you wearing them “posh posh”!  I got this for big daddy too!

It’s not all about jewelry, accessories, food, or anything else. Sometimes, you just need a 40k chandelier to swing around on. Joking, don’t try it. 

The most baller chair on earth! Big Mama don’t play and Big Mama don’t lie, this chair in another world.