Anniversary Gifts For Her

Show her you are ready for the long haul in this relationship, by buying matching undies! Be that cute couple! 

I know your baby is work this $37,000 Cartier watch! Stop shopping and let see this token of your love!

If she’s dating someone who comes to this site, then you probably stress her out lol. Help her relax with this! 

Show her your sensitive side and get her this spoon! I can’t even think of a funny description it’s so cute! 

Big Mama made the greatest rap and video off all time! She isn’t 50 cent, but she’s at least a 49.99! 

She might get a little pissed off on this one, make sure you know your partner! Don’t forget to add on a whip!

I have this over my fireplace. Big Daddies huge, hairy hand holding mine in love! This is a fun activity and creates a lot of good memories. 

There is nothing boring with flowers! This traditional, timeless gift will always be appreciated! So, beautiful and great gesture. 


Yeah, give her your paid off property! What a loving gesture. Just don’t complain to me when it goes wrong. Big Mama ain’t got time for that!